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Adopt an animal today

By adopting one of our amazing animals, you will be helping to provide the care and support that they need to live a life worth living after years of suffering. You can adopt as many animals as you like, and your adoption will continue for as long as we receive your kind monthly gifts.

Your support will also help protect other animals in desperate need around the world. Why not take a look at the animals waiting to be adopted today? Or choose a gift for someone you know would love to welcome one of our amazing animals into their lives.

Just follow 4 easy steps to complete your adoption!

Step 1: Choose which animal(s) to adopt

Radiant Rene

“Hello, it’s just lovely to meet you! I’m Rene, Balkasar sanctuary’s most welcoming bear. I suffered a lot in my past life, but I don’t let that get in the way of enjoying my new forever home.”

Female, Asiatic black bear
Loves: exploring, being naughty, making friends

An photo of a smiling light brown bear

Playful Pooh

“Oh hi! Sorry, I was just finishing a snack. My name’s Pooh. My friends say I’m sweet, loyal and playful. I’m blind and live in the special area of the sanctuary at Balkasar for disabled bears.”

Male, Asiatic black bear
Loves: eating, snoozing and playing

A close-up photo of a dark brown near with one green and one black eye

Marvellous Maya

“Hello, I’m Maya. My name means “graciousness”. I used to spend my days tied up alone, forced to dance for tourists. Now I live happily in my forever home where I can play in the pool and spend time with my friends.”

Female, Asiatic black bear
Loves: eating, sitting in the grass, the pool

A photo of a black bear with a distinctive white V shape across its chest

Golden Girl Mae Kam

“Hello, my name is Mae Kam. ‘Mae’ means mother in Thai. ‘Kam’ means gold. I think those who named me wished me a happy and glorious life. That wish came true!“

Female Indian elephant
Loves: exploring, mangos, bathing

A photo of an elephant stood beside some water with leaves in its mouth

Beautiful Mayura

“Hello, my name is Mayura, it means Peacock. I’m not the biggest of the elephants in the herd, but in the elephant world I am considered beautiful and strong. I am quite humble though, honest!“

Female Indian elephant
Loves: being naughty, roaming and trumpeting with my mother, bathing

A photo of a big elephant walking beside a stream

Sweet Malee

“Hello, my name is Malee, which means ‘Jasmine’ in Thai. Like the fragranced flower, my sweet nature brings a smile to everyone’s face.“

Female Indian elephant
Loves: eating, mud baths, exploring

A photo of an Indian elephant stepping out from a clearing in some trees. The elephant has a distinctive pattern on its head

Step 2: Choose how much you wish to give

– per month / per animal adopted

What you will receive

Adopt an animal today, and within a couple of weeks you’ll receive a very special welcome from your new family member in the post. Your pack will include an official certification of adoption, a bookmark with photos of your new friend and a fridge magnet. If your adoption is a gift, we will send you confirmation of your kind gift and send a very special welcome pack to your recipient.

Ending animal suffering

All animals deserve a life without cruelty and pain. Elephants are cruelly trained for tourist entertainment their wild spirit brutally broken through a training process called ‘the crush’. This is just the beginning of a life of abuse and suffering.

Bears are locked up alone in tiny cages, suffering excruciating pain as their bile is extracted, sometimes daily, for use in traditional medicines.

They will endure a lifetime of intense physical and mental suffering. But with your support, with your big heart, we can end the cruel exploitation of animals and give them a life worth living.